Our quality jerky cannot start without quality ingredients from the phenomenal folks that have expertly perfected their food craft.  We're proud to work with these great people who supply Charqui Jerky Co. with the fine ingredients we spin into our jerky.

Falters Fine Meats

  Falters Fine Meats, founded in 1890 by Herman Falter, has been supplying Columbus with high quality pork and beef products for well over a century.  Jason and Cy Falter are fifth generation Falters' who are carrying on the tradition of supporting the Columbus community by supplying local restaurants, butchers, grocers and businesses with quality meat.

Charqui Jerky Company is proud to work with Falters who supply Charqui Jerky Co. with American sourced, USDA Choice beef.

North Market Spices

North Market Spices is located in Columbus' historic North Market and are committed to providing high quality spices with unmatched customer service.  Ben Walter's and his team love sharing their passion for food and years of experience matching their spices and custom blends to enhance your culinary adventures.  

Charqui Jerky Co. works closely with North Market Spices to create nearly all of our super secret custom spice blends.   These spice blends are a huge reason why there's so much flavor in our jerky.


Sara Bee Honey

Sara Bee Honey provides Charqui Jerky with local honey cultivated in Circleville, Ohio.  Sara Bee features seasonal honey flavors and is a key component of our flavor profile and our commitment to use natural ingredients versus heavily processed ingredients.